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Trekking and horseback riding – Turismo a cavallo
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Cavallo: caratteristiche, evoluzione e comportamento Trekking e viaggio a cavallo SCEGLI LA TUA ESPERIENZA
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Unlike riding, trekking and horseback riding is aimed at those who already have a minimum of experience in country riding and are already trained to stay a few hours in the saddle.

The horse has always accompanied man in his most diverse activities. For centuries it has been a war machine to fight endless battles, paying with life submission to man. It has been of help in the work of the fields, irreplaceable in transhumanities and in working with livestock and was, until the advent of the steam train, considered the only valid means of transport to cover long distances.

Today, more simply, it is made a playful-sporty use. There are many sports and recreational activities that use the horse.

Well, in trekking and horseback riding,it becomes our indispensable and trusted travel companion. It allows us to feel the scents of nature coming, sometimes, in places otherwise inaccessible. Cross fords and climb mountains to take us to unimaginable views by meekly obeying our commands. Often it is he, with his experience, who overcomes some of the many difficulties of the journey, due to the harshness of the terrain.
Living side by side for days with your horse creates an unexpected and rewarding understanding that makes it difficult to leave at the end of the journey.

What is a horse trekking and a horse trip

Although the terms trekking on horseback and horseback travel are often used as synonyms, in reality there is a small difference.

The horse trekking indicates an adventurous tourism, organized mainly in the hills or mountains, which moves on paths or mule mounds not served by other communication routes and without the use of mechanical means.

The horse back trip,certainly challenging, allows you to make extensive journeys and cross different places or territories starting from a starting point A to reach, at the end of the trip, a chosen point B. Generally the trip, due to its complexity, is organized also with the help of mechanical means of support.

Types of trekking and horseback travel

Depending on the duration, difficulty level and complexity of the trip there are different types of trekking or horseback riding that you can participate in with horses owned or with horses made available by the organizing equestrian center:

  1. the trek of a day, or a few hours, is the one at the end of which you return to the starting point. The degree of difficulty may vary depending on the configuration of the terrain to be covered and the experience of the participants.
  2. Hiking or trips of 2 or more days.

These last horseback treks stand out

  • itinerants:in which you proceed stage by stage along a predetermined route, changing each day the stops and the arrival points. Usually these trips are organized themed (mystic, historical, artistic etc.) and lead to visit Abbeys, hermits, monuments, archaeological excavations and places of historical interest. You travel several kilometers a day so it is a very challenging activity for both the horse and the rider. At each end of the stage there is a need to provide for the accommodation and care of the horse, checking that it is able to continue the journey without resentment. It is no coincidence that on longer journeys it happens that, to be part of the group, there are also a veterinarian and a blacksmith.
    • Those who propose these experiences offer the opportunity to stay overnight in accommodation satisons with all the comforts, but if you also want there is also the opportunity to live a more adventurous experience sleeping in tents or in encampments; maybe carrying a horse or a mule. Most of the equestrian centres that offer these trips are generally local experts who have good expertise and a well-established program. And if you are looking foradventure on horseback,many offer even more “country” experiences such as transhumanities with livestock or entry into protected natural areas, accompanied by authorized guides, always in full respect of the environment and the territory that hosts them.
    • daisy: where the starting and entry points are expected to be the same. Every day you make an exit following a loop path, exploring the surrounding territory, visiting villages, cellars or places of art to return to the base point. This activity is recommended for those who can not endure a long stay in the saddle and want a relaxing holiday. With this formula you have the ability to modulate your activity according to your abilities and your physical endurance. Most stables have a series of tracks around their structure that allow you to organize daisy trips safely.

    An unmissable experience for those who love horseback tourism

    As mentioned so far you can choose the type of trek or trip that best suits your needs and abilities, but whatever your choice will be an unforgettable experience. To make it such will surely be the good organization of the equestrian center, the beauty of nature and the places visited, but above all the irreplaceable presence of your horse.

Every day, as the “resistances” of one and the other decrease, one begins to appreciate this very sensitive and intelligent companion. By its nature it is an extremely social and very receptive animal, so it appreciates physical contact, caresses and a nice brush at the end of the day. In return, if you see how comfortable you are in the midst of nature and how quietly you make your exits, you will find that it conveys an unexpected sense of security and pleasure. This will create a good harmony that will give a greater value to your adventure. Essentially, you become a couple,or as they say in the equestrian world a “binomial” where taking care of each other becomes quite natural.

It is in trekking and horse backing that you can find out to the end how strong the relationship between man and horse can be. Natural.