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Horse on the European Hippolyons – Turismo a cavallo
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A Cavallo sulle Ippostrade Europee SCEGLI LA TUA ESPERIENZA

Horse on the European Hippolyons

Live a unique experience, suitable for everyone, riding on the Hippos. An experience to combine the discovery of unique territories and flavors with the beauty of experiencing all this i n relationship with thehorse.

In 2013, on the initiative of an entrepreneur in eastern Verona, the mapping of tourist trails with GPS satellite measurement system was undertaken.

The itineraries are christened with the term Hippostrade,i.e. equestrian tourist itineraries on short loops, lasting a few hours, daily, up to a maximum of 3/4 days.
To date the Hippos are only in Veneto over 2500 km with 4 handling. In other regions 500 km of hippos with 3 handling, 1 in Trentino, 1 in Piedmont, 1 in Lazio.

From the beginning of 2018 it is possible to live a horseback experience on the Hippos also in Serbia,where 130 km have been mapped.
Easily accessible, not far from the population centers, they do not present particular difficulties or require a particular sports training. These trails can be walked in absolute safety, thanks to the indispensable and obligatory presence of experienced guides of the territory.

Experiences on horseback on Hippos are suitable for everyone,even those who have never gone on horseback.
A unique experience is offered: a tasting course of wines and typical products in different wineries and farms and artisans in the beautiful hills of Italy and Europe. You can relax in a breathtaking landscape straddling the vineyards and hills to reach the chosen destinations, the most hidden and least accessible by the masses.
The intention is to offer horse enthusiasts, and the countryside in general, the opportunity for a tourist experience in direct contact with nature with the opportunity to discover the food and wine, historical, cultural and religious richness offered by the landscape. It offers the opportunity to approach the territory in a more spontaneous and natural way, and be educated to agricultural culture, cradle of the most genuine Italian food typical.

As the ultimate example of a walk with tasting there is the project of Hippostrade Horse Wine,born from the mind of Lorenzo Costa of the Country House Horse.

“A slow-paced route has a different flavor,” says Lorenzo Costa, who since 2013 has been carrying out this project to combine equestrian tourism with the beauty, charm and great attractiveness of the typical products of his area, Veneto.

From the outset, the Soave Consortium became a partner in the project, which soon expanded at the regional level and now aims to expand at the national level.

At the moment, also in Veneto,the Horse Wine Hippolydes have partnered with the Valpolicella Road,the Custoza Wine and Broccoletto Road of Custoza,the Berici Hills Wine Road and the Bardolino Wine Road.

Riding to discover a territory

The intuition that is the basis of the Horse Wine Hippolydons project is to combine the experience on horseback, the opportunity to know the peculiarities of a territory,thus declining the paths that can be walked on horseback in experiences to discover the food and wine treasures of the place. Create tourist itineraries aimed at discovering those cultural heritages, sometimes forgotten, through the enjoyment of the horse. The horse is the ideal companion to enjoy a territory in a sustainable and slow way,and is therefore the right partner for such a tourist offer.

The different routes offered are designed on the basis of the horse-riding and the possible stages to be carried out at the more characteristic of the territory or at typical artisanal production companies, offering tastings and guided tours,with the possibility for users to buy then the products first tasted.

Horse Wine Hippoways

In the project we talk about Hippolydes, to distinguish them from the “most famous” hippos, that is, equestrian tourist itineraries on short rings, lasting a few hours, or daily, up to a maximum of 3/4 days. The hippoways want to be an offer that integrates with the most challenging hippos (long minimum 100 km and aimed at an autonomous and experienced public), combining the beauty of a horse walk with the discovery of a territory.

Horse Wine Hippos do not present any particular technical difficulties, nor do they require a great sports training and can be traveled even by the less experienced thanks to the careful presence of certified guides. Most hippocities are easily accessible and not far from the population centers.

  • Short rings, available in a few hours or lasting a few days.
  • Routes suitable for everyone, without specific request for a driver’s license.
  • Routes carried out safely including insurance.
  • Departure and arrival from the same stable.
  • Naturalistic, food and wine trails, entirely accompanied by certified guides.
  • Routes of choice including: tasting in the cellar, lunch in the cellar, itineraries in
  • Night.

The aim is to offer equestrian tourism enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and immerse oneself in the historical, cultural and food and wine richness of a landscape,directly and without too much burden and on the other hand offer tourists in the food and wine sector a natural and sustainable way to discover the goodness of the territory, coming into contact with the agricultural culture, cradle of the most genuine Italian food typical.


A growing project

The project envisages the creation of a network of Horse Centres (with prerequisites provided by the Leading Country House Horse Sports Association), wineries, excellent agri-food companies (DOC, DOP, DOCG, IGP) and Wine Roads, which in various ways offer tourists a visit to a specific territory, offering a cross-sectional narrative that starts from the history of the natural landscape, to continue with the typical product, up to the artistic and architectural values, where the territory has a strong identity value.

Parks A Cavallo, in the will of its promoters Legambiente Onlus and Tourism A Horse, supports this project, supporting the spread and connecting the affected realities.

A look abroad

As already stated in horseback riding with tasting, the combination of horseback riding and typical products is an offer that fascinates the foreign public a lot. In this sense Hippostrade Horse Wine promotes a series of initiatives aimed at tourist agencies and tour operators leveraging on the principle that natural, food and wine and cultural tourism united together are one of the winning variations of Made in Italy.

In this vision, the development of the HorseWine HorseWine Hippolyde network ® can be considered one of the most original entrepreneurial initiatives of Made in Italy, where the lever of territorial marketing manages to combine the world of rural tourism with the wealth of Italian food heritage, landscape heritage and artistic-architectural historical.


The trips are organized at the discretion of the participants and their abilities and divided by type:

1) Naturalistic: 1/2 day horseback walk

2) Naturalistic food and wine: horseback walk of 1/2 th 1 cup of the rider in az. farm or cellar

3) Naturalistic food and wine: 1-day horseback walk plus 1 knight’s cup of wine, 1 knight’s lunch with typical produce

4) Naturalistic food and wine: 1-day horseback walk plus 1 knight’s glass , 1 knight’s lunch, 1 knight’s snack, 1 horseman’s snack

The wine and agricultural farms interesting in the path to the reception are chosen from time to time in reference to the tour, unless unexpected weather or personal run-in to the knights.

Horse Experiences on Hipporoads


2500 km of mapped routes to ride the Hippos that will take you on the Soave Wine Road,the Durello Wine Road and the Valpolicella WineRoad.


5 routes for a total of more than 90 km of Hippolyte for horseback riding to discover the typical products of the territory of Trento, in thePinè Plateau,between Lake Serraia and Lake Of Squares.

From today everyone can enjoy a horse back with wine tasting in the Monferrato Astigiano.

The European Hippolyno Consortium also lands in the Astigian Omun.

4 horseback trails for a total length of 100 km,to live on your horse, discovering the most authentic beauties and flavors of this land.

The mapping involves two half-day routes and two other full-day routes. The experiences offered are mainly food and wine, but there is also a path focused on the architectural beauties, of religious root, present in the territory.

In Monferrato sull’Ippostrada del Malvasia

In Monferrato sull’Ippostrada dell’Albugnano




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